About us

PNWTool was created when we found broken parts on our RV trailer and discovered that replacement parts were not available because the manufacturer was “out of business”.  Having our own machine shop, we designed and fabricated replacement parts for our trailer, but since we were using CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines, we could make dozens of parts as easily as one.  Finding other RV enthusiasts in the same situation, we chose to make extra parts to help our friends out.  Currently we are selling our remaining stock, but as long as fellow RVer's need replacement latches, we will continue to made additional latches if supplies run low.

If you are an RVer and you have other parts that are broken but are “out of stock” items from companies that are no longer in business, feel free to drop us an email at sales@pnwtool.com to see if your item could qualify as an additional product for us to fabricate and sell. If your product is of interest and has a market, we can work together to design a replacement, (i.e. you will need to test fit the prototypes) and you will get your product for free.