Shipments and Returns

Your Package Shipment

We do not offer free shipping because "free" shipping is not "free" and is just a way to rip off the customer.  Nothing in this life is free, so with free shipping the cost of the shipping is hidden in the price of the part.  If you order a single part, you are simply paying for shipping in the cost of the part.  The idea of "free shipping" becomes a rip-off of the customer when you order two or more parts because you are now paying for two or more "hidden" shipping costs, but it does not cost twice as much to ship two parts.  The end result is if a customer orders two or more parts, the customer is getting ripped off. 

We charge an honest shipping cost which covers the postage, the packaging materials, and our time to package and drop the shipment at the post office.

We ship all part via United States Postal Service.  We offer two shipping methods, either First Class Package Service, or Priority Mail.  Both methods come with tracking numbers. 

One of the great things about our parts are that they are small so if you use FCPS our shipping package is small enough to fit inside most mail boxes with your regular mail.  This reduces the risk of packages being left at a door and being stolen. As per our terms and conditions, our shipping liability ends when the USPS tracking information shows the package was accepted by the USPS.  If you are worried about packages being lost during shipping, our Priority Mail option comes with $50 of insurance.

Return Shipments

Our standard policy is that in most cases we do not pay for return shipping.  If we were to make a mistake in shipping the wrong parts, then in that case the error would be ours and we would make an exception.  If you are directed to return parts, DO NOT PLACE THE RETURN PARTS IN A REGULAR ENVELOPE.  Since our parts are small (i.e. flat) they will fit in a regular envelope, but they WILL NOT make it back to us.  The USPS will run all regular envelopes through their letter processing machines and any envelope containing our parts will jam in the machine and the parts will end up in the trash.  If returned parts do not make it to us, we cannot honor any agreement for exchanges or refunds.

Out-Of-Stock Items

We make all of our own latches.  As far as we can tell, since Atwood went out of business we are the only supplier of these replacement latches.  If we are out of stock on a specific latch, the shortage will be temporary until we are able to fabricate more of the out of stock item.  We do not sell our latches wholesale to other retailers so it will be highly unlikely that you will find our latches elsewhere.  You can either check back with us on a weekly basis to see when the items is back in stock, or you can email and ask us to notify you when stock is available.