• Summer Vacations

    Replace those broken latches before heading out this summer. A secure RV with locking windows will give you peace of mind while on the road. We are currently holding our prices at last year's levels, but we can not guarantee these prices in the future when raw aluminum prices are doubling.


    We fabricate all of our own parts. If latches are out-of-stock, be assured we are in the process of making more which should be available within a week. Feel free to email us if you wish to be notified when items are again in stock.


    AUGUST 15, 2022. We are noticing in many cases that the USPS is quoting us the same time to deliver packages via Priority Mail as they are quoting for first class package service. We do not see this info until we actual ship and purchase the shipping label so there is no way for us to know if Priority is better for you prior to paying the postage and then it is too late. Only use Priority Mail if you know from past experience that your package will get to you sooner. In most cases we see either the same time, or only one day longer for First Class.


    Nov. 04, 2022. We are out of all single pane latches. We will be making more, but with the holidays, the next batch will not be ready until around Dec. 10, 2022.