• Solid Aluminum Latches with Lifetime Warranty against breakage.

    You can buy cheap plastic latches again, but they will still break and decay due to sun rot. Our latches will outlast your RV and make it more secure from break-ins.


    We tried to make an installation video, but it was not that good. We recently found that one customer did his own installation video on You Tube, and he did a great job. You can find Tony's Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdunBjCWD_w . At the end, Tony also points out how our aluminum latches help prevent a common form of RV break-ins that occur due to plastic latches.


    We fabricate all of our own parts. If latches are out-of-stock, be assured we are in the process of making more which should be available within a week. Feel free to email us if you wish to be notified when items are again in stock.

    June 6, 2024.

    As of today, we have all latch sizes and colors back in stock.


    AUGUST 15, 2022. We are noticing in many cases that the USPS is quoting us the same time to deliver packages via Priority Mail as they are quoting for first class package service. We do not see this info until we actual ship and purchase the shipping label so there is no way for us to know if Priority is better for you prior to paying the postage and then it is too late. Only use Priority Mail if you know from past experience that your package will get to you sooner. In most cases we see either the same time, or only one day longer for First Class.


    Jan. 11, 2023. When you go to pay, you will be transferred to PayPal for payment processing. You do not need to create or use a PayPal account for payment. Steps to avoid creating a Paypal account.

    1. Click on the link that says "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"

    2. You must enter your email, but this can be ignored later on.

    3. Click "Continue to Payment"

    4. Look under your zipcode, there is a button that says "Save info & create your PayPal Account". Click this button to turn it off.

    5. You can now "Pay now as guest" without being required to create a PayPal account.